Monday, June 28, 2010

Dance for Camera

A little intermission from the ADF reviews--
During the last semester, I was taking a course called Dance on Video. Dance for Video, also known as Film Dance or Dance for the Camera, is a growing genre within the dance world. This is not performance documentation, but rather the creation of dances specifically to be presented on film, rather than on a stage. It really is a whole separate world! The role of editing becomes a secondary (or, in some projects, a primary) choreographic task, as making "film sense" is often different than "dance sense."
At any rate, my final project was a dance film called "And in the morning..."and you can see it on the UNCG Dance website. Some of my classmates' films have been posted there, too.

This is such a growing genre that ADF curates a Dance for Camera festival, and this year, celebrated the launch of a new Journal of Screendance. I had the pleasure of seeing some of the films screened this year. Particularly great, I thought, were "Advance," by Mitchell Rose, "Box," by Ivan Rubio, "Let's Dance," by Malia Bruker and Oscar Molina, and "Derriere Elle," by Natalia Sardi and Laida Aldaz. If you get a chance to see any of these someday, I recommend them!

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